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Express Money Exchange

Express Money Exchange became the sponsor Ava Music Group concert in 2023بازگشت

Tuesday, 5 December 2023


Express Money Exchange as sponsor of Ava Music Group concert invites you to embrace the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and soak up the summer solstice under the Southern Cross!We will be bringing Persian music and cultural traditions to commemorate the victory of light over darkness. This celebration spans hemispheres, promising a magical experience.

Don't miss out—let's make some incredible memories together!


Adelaide: December 9
Melbourne: December 21
Newcastle: December 23

Ava Ensemble Artists:

• Maryam Parsi: Vocals
• Reza Kashi: Tar
• Mahshid Davallou: Oud
• Saeed Mohammadian: Santoor
• Parham Kebria: Tonbak and Daf
• Sina Motamed: Leadership and Kamanche